Protecting Your Privacy

Downtown Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and Redbutte Chiropractic (DCM and RBC) understands the importance and sensitivity of your health information. We are committed to maintaining the complete confidentiality of our patients health care information, and follow federal and state laws that govern your health information. We use your health information (and allow others to have it) only as permitted by federal and state laws. These laws give you certain rights regarding your health information.

  • DCM/RBC will not discuss the names of patients with anyone that is not part of our practice.

  • All information about patients and their health conditions will be used within our practice in a professional manner.

  • Patient information will never be provided to a third party without the appropriate consent and/or authorization signed by the patient.

Your Health Information Rights:

You may:

  • Inspect and obtain a copy of your medical or billing records, as allowed by law, usually within 30 days of your written request. DCM/RBC does require a signed release by the patient to send out personal health information.

  • Request in writing that restrictions be placed on how your health information is used or shared for treatment or other purposes.

  • Request a closed treatment room. DCM/RBC does have open treatment rooms, please notify us at the time of service if you require a closed treatment room

  • Request and Receive a paper copy of our current Notice of Privacy Practices.

  • Require that we do not send information about a healthcare service to your health plan if you pay in full for that service and notify us in advance that you, and not your health plan, are going to pay for this service. You must notify us in advance so your health plan is not automatically billed.

How Your Health Information Is Used

Common Uses of Health Information: DCM/RBC will gather your health information at the time of treatment. The law allows us to use or share this health information to:

  • Understand your health condition and provide the best treatment option for you. Dr. Lane might look at X-Rays provided by another treating doctor who is outside of DCM/RBC.

  • Bill for your healthcare services and receive payment for our services.

Required use of Health Information: The law sometime requires us to share information for specific purposes with:

  • Government inspectors, who make sure our facilities are safe.

  • A medical device’s manufacturer, as required by the FDA.

  • A worker’s compensation program, if a person is injured at work and claims benefits under that program.

  • A patient’s auto insurance, if a person is injured in an auto accident and claims benefits under their PIP.

Uses According to Your Requests and With Your Authorization:

  • Let DCM/RBC know if you want us to share any health or payment information related to your care with your family members or friends.

  • Let DCM/RBC know who we should contact in an emergency.

  • DCM/RBC will not sell your identifiable health information without your authorization.

  • If you authorize us to share your information, but change your mind, please notify DCM/RBC in writing that you revoke the authorization. We will honor the revocation, but will not be able to get back any information we sent prior to the revocation.

If You Still Have Questions

Our staff is trained to help you with any questions you may have about the privacy of your health information. They can address any privacy concerns you may have and help you fill out any forms needed to exercise your privacy rights. Please call 801-322-3067 if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy.